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Sometimes you need to look beyond your family and friends for support and spiritual growth. Whether you need help grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with an illness, starting an authentic spiritual practice, or anything else, these websites and organizations contain a wealth of valuable information to help you start bouncing back.

There are organizations and support groups out there for every crisis you can imagine. Why not let these groups help you with your heartbreaking hit? Here are just a few places you can turn to for support, services and information. These sites support those of us who have taken the very heavy hits--the loss of a child, a scary diagnosis or debilitating grief---take a few minutes and check out some of these wonderful organizations. (Children's Hospice International)

Whether your looking for new authentic spiritual practices or just enhancing your existing practices, the information, articles and resources available on these websites can get you on your way.  These are some of my favorites and those of my friends who are "in the know," so spend some time browsing and you'll find a connection somewhere--be open to it!

Are you ready to reconnect with your own bulletproof spirit? These organizations offer lectures, courses and resources to help you on your journey.  Each of these sites is chock-full of spiritual-learning opportunities--check them out and see if something inspires you!

If you have experienced a hit of a financial nature check out: - Motiviational Speaker Sharmen Lane.  Shar went from "manicurist to millionare" and can offer you the inspiration and tools you need to find your way back from finacial disaster and start living the life of your dreams.





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